King Of Swords In Tarot


The focus is on trying to get ahead or make it in the world; inner and outer conflicts; behavior modifications; clarity and discernment; legal matters, police, or professional assistance; and/or a person with a Libra-type temperament.. You will be fearful about your future and will want to see things more clearly, obtain a new perspective, or enlist the aid of a professional-type person.. Your best success will come through the discovery of a new way of relating that will allow you to see things through the eyes of others and to embrace a new dimension of experience. But this could also indicate success in legal matters.. Dwelling on the past only causes pain, so you’ll release it and let it go. This could be concerning someone who’s in a legal or law-enforcement profession.. You will make new friends, mend relationships with old friends, and set things straight in your mind or affairs.

This could also indicate a call from someone in a uniform.. Challenging situations are going to arise that will cause you to guard yourself, and you’ll be so caught up in defending your position, you’ll fail to see the feelings of others. When you realize it, you’ll feel ashamed.. You will think about moving or about living with someone in order to save money or cut down expenses and/or wish something would come along and “save your ass.”. You should use caution when traveling; slow down around curves and watch your rear in an upcoming trip or journey, and be prepared for unforeseen obstacles like a road block or re-routing of traffic.. You’ll be concerned about a delay in a financial matter or legal deal, or you will worry about the status or credibility of another. This could also indicate legal papers signed.. You will be very apprehensive about your work and your future (could be because you’ve lost your faith or sense of purpose), but you will keep trudging on in the hope that somehow, some way, things will change..

You’ll come to the realization that you’ve been living in a dream world.. You will experience tension, frustration, and anxiety with regard to your work or your future and will feel as if it’s a constant up-hill battle to succeed.. You will take pleasure in completing a task or project successfully in spite of the difficulties you encounter.. An upsetting message or communication breakdown will make you feel challenged, blocked, or thwarted.. You are going to have discussions with your relatives about travel plans, relationships, and finances. Unfortunately, this also indicates a certain amount of friction between you.. You, or someone you know, may need to consult a doctor or specialist, and you could be suffering from a low-grade infection or virus. An herbal treatment or anti-inflammatory drug could be the best medicine.. There will be tension related to money matters, and even if you’re making money, the atmosphere will be taut and unpleasant.. In time, your perspective will change, pressure will be relieved, and your future will look more promising. You will also gain great insight into how you interact with others and how your attitude comes across.. Challenging situations or conflicts are going to arise, or you will have friends in the police department, legal field, or government..

A gift that was given may take its toll in blood.. An “inconvenience” will necessitate a letter or phone call, or an untimely bill will arrive, or a letter will provide the evidence you need to file a lawsuit or get out of a contract.. You will be troubled by an uncertain future because you won’t be able to see your way clear on any level, and you will worry about your interactions with others.. You will think that the Universe is against you and all of your plans, because you have lost faith in yourself or God and will feel that to continue on will be a fight every step of the way.. Separateness and being alone are going to come to an end.. You’ll cut through adversity, see things the way they really are, and set things straight in your personal affairs. Also, someone you’ve been putting off or “stringing” along is going to call.. Still your unruly thoughts, and don’t respond in a preconditioned way. Be impartial, unpredjudiced, and nonjudgmental.. You will “inherit” a questioning and introspective mind into the “whys,” “wherefores,” or motives of others as well as an alternative course of action or “Plan B.”. Expect a letdown; the one you want to see won’t call or come by.. You will be grateful for the ability to ward off conflicts, negative behavior patterns, and physical or emotional assaults.. Stay detached. You will be able to perceive the truth in situations, and your impressions or perceptions will later be confirmed.. You’ll be fortunate because you’ll recognize the truth in a situation BEFORE you say or do something you’d regret.. You will be determined to carry on despite the obstacles or trials you have to endure, and you will find an alternative course of action..

By Absolutely PsychicPsychic